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InvoiceCustomiser For Tally  v.1.12.240

InvoiceCustomiser is an application that enables you to print customised sales invoices (after exporting them from Tally 6.3/7.2). InvoiceCustomiser is the most powerful independent invoice customisation solution available for Tally.

AMC Animation Workshop  v.2.0a.29

AMC Animation Workshop can create banners, web page advertisements and other commercial animations - you can be up to speed with this object-based animator in mere milliseconds. Your mileage may vary. Build professional banners, advertisements and


AMC Calendar Wizard  v.2.0a.34

AMC Calendar Wizard builds individuated, printable calendars. Use your choice of pictures, design elements, fonts, colors and special days. Its internal pagination function prints double-sided calendars, which hang like conventional bank calendars,

AMC Theatres  v.

Since opening in 1920, AMC Theatres® has been dedicated to delivering the best possible movie-going experience. Now you can experience the magic of AMC at your fingertips!

Tally  v.

Keep track with Tally! Tally allows you to count anything, from points scored to projects completed. Counts are stored in buckets, and can be tailored with custom bases, intervals and starting values. Want to count by twos? No problem. Start at one

Simple Tally Marks  v.

Simple Tally Marks is an easy to use counting application. It can count almost anything you'd like to count, and it does it with tally marks! By simply touch the phone's screen,you may count the number of people at your party,

AMC Pagan Daybook 4.0a.8  v..8

AMC Pagan Daybook is a calendar to keep track of the days of the week, the ancient and modern tides and the pagan festivals and observances that fall on each day of the year.

AMC Calendar Wizard 4.0a.2  v..2

AMC Calendar Wizard builds personalized, printable calendars.

AMC Spies: A Cold War Daybook 2.0t  v.1.0

AMC Spies: A Cold War Daybook is a calendar, daybook and screen saver of stories from the dark history of 20th century espionage.

AMC GIF Construction Set Pro 4.0a.24  v..24

AMC GIF Construction Set Pro is the world's most widely-used Windows GIF animator to assemble, edit, and optimize animations and create transparent GIF files.

AMC PNG-MNG Construction Set 4.0a.17  v..17

AMC PNG-MNG Construction Set represents the state-of-the-art in animation software.

AMC e-Paint 4.0a.10  v..10

AMC e-Paint is a Windows paint application.

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